About Us

Firstly we want to thank you for coming to our page and especially for wanting to know what we are all about!

The reason why Style v Trend came about was born out of the annoyance that as a black man wanting to get style ideas that would look good on the black skin and the afro hair. When its time for a new trim and wanting something different, a search across the web would just show you a standard black model/celebrity with a simple fade, an afro, or twists!!! Yet when in the barbershop waiting for our turn in the chair we see so many hairstyles.

The same is true when it comes to clothing…! Actually, it is even worse. A search for “Smart Blackman fashion” and the top 5 hits are aimed at all other races but the Afro Caribbean. Now we don’t believe that there are clothes that a black man only can wear or clothes that only a white man can wear; because ‘style’ has no race. What we wanted to do is have a platform that will showcase the twist we put on our fashion, the dynamism in the colours we wear and the boldness of our choices.

We firmly believe that we the black man have an inherent desire to always want to impress using not just our clothes but also hairstyles. Remember the friend in school who got a great new fresh trim that was so different it had all your school talking about it? Then when the monthly hair cut came you would see all the other kids with the same trim but with a slight variation?

Our uniqueness as black men should be showcased and we are hoping you use this platform to do just that.
Here you can discover the latest trends and fashion tips aimed towards you, the black man. The aim is to inspire, motivate people through fashion. Believing the average everyday person has their own style or trend that they can use to inspire and share with others. SvT was created for that sole purpose you!!

So join us on our journey to become the number 1 platform in men’s fashion for the Afro Caribbean gentleman.